Maintaining Good Health For Senior Citizens

There are five valuable considerations for keeping your health in a good place as you age. They are a regimen of vitamins, healthy diet, exercise appropriate to your ability, restful sleep and a calm environment. As you reach retirement, getting a head start on these issues will head off having to make excessive visits to your primary care physician. If you are already retired and are not managing these considerations well, it’s time to begin.

Consult your PCP (primary care physician) or Naturopathic Physician or Nutritionist about a healthy regimen of vitamins, a good diet, appropriate exercise to get your heart rate up. Then allow your body time for complete rest and calm. Your healthy heart rate will be supported, your blood pressure will improve, and you will be rested for maintaining a calm spirit.

Retirees choose from among a variety of life styles which direct their body and mind, their health and attitude. Sedentary seniors usually experience more illness (including depression), and less fun and excitement in their lives. Some sedentary people cannot avoid their condition, if it is physically based and nothing can be done to address lack of mobility. However, if being sedentary is a choice, then motivating oneself to have some useful activity will likely pay dividends in several ways. The benefits of exercise are well documented both for healthy bodies as well as healthy minds and spirits.

Talking with your PCP or MND or Nutritionist about vitamins to be taken on a regularly scheduled basis will likely head off infections, colds, and other short term illnesses; body systems may get the support they need with good supplements as you age. Bone density is an issue for some seniors; minerals, such as calcium, are important if you suffer from bone deficiencies. Consulting your primary care physician and/or Naturopathic Physician and/or Nutritionist is a must when you are considering supplements for good health. You need to be sure you are getting those vitamins, minerals and supplements you require-and are not allergic to-and you need to insure the specific brands you choose are the best available.